A sphere of influence formula for success

21 Jan 2014

END-CALL-SEE Approach to Your Sphere

All right, I’ll admit it: I’m a planner. I know, I know. How BORING – right? But you know after years of hanging around speakers and trainers and industry experts – I do know that success very rarely falls into anyone’s lap. It’s crafted month after month, and year after year by people who are willing to do the work to get the rewards. And that is a formula to rally behind – old fashioned or not. The key to a GREAT sphere of influence is INFLUENCE. You know – the kind where you can CONSISTENTLY count on referrals and business from people because you’ve taken the time to cultivate a relationship where they get to KNOW you, TRUST you, and TURN TO YOU when they have a real estate question or need. And it doesn’t have to be HARD. Or uber-time consuming. Or super expensive. It just has to be DONE. Over and over, month after month. The results? Are BANKABLE.
Try this…

The Send-Call-See Formula

SEND something every month or every 21-45 days to your book of business, sphere of influence, database, whatever YOU have labeled your customer and prospect base. Holiday postcards, recipe cards, inspiration cards, neighbourhood update cards or newsletters – all are great ways to connect every month and stay in front of your sphere.

CALL everyone in your base at least four times a year. Don’t stress about it. I can’t tell you how many agents DON’T pick up the phone just because they’re afraid they won’t know what to say. Start with “Hello!” Add in your name.

Ask them how they are – let them know the market it changing CONSTANTLY and just see if they have questions. Be a resource. A consultant. People today appreciate that way more than they do a pushy salesperson anyway – so just be on their side and if they say YES, I’d like you to come over (some will!) then give them some time options and lock it down. See? That’s not so painful!

SEE everyone in your base at least twice a year. Whether you do that all at one time at a customer appreciation event or spread it out by walking the neighbourhoods, inviting special clients to lunch, hosting community workshops, attending neighbourhood block parties, setting up shop at the local cafe for an hour or so or all of the above – make it a point to get out and about and let people put the face with the name!

Formulas don’t have to be fancy to be right on the money. Try the Send-Call-See formula and put it to work for you starting this month!

By Julie Escobar

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