Do yourself and your vendor a favour

21 Jan 2014

How many times have you presented your vendor with a property marketing plan inclusive of online advertising that is in excess of $1,000 paid up front, only to win the listing and the property sells within a week of putting the sign board up?

With a white hot market at the moment you would have to ask yourself if it was indeed necessary to subject your vendor to that much expense. Why not do yourself and your vendor a favour and adopt a dual internet portal marketing plan that will save you and your vendor a bundle!

How does a dual internet strategy work best in this market? It’s just a matter of giving your vendor the option to have their property listed with the Estate Agents Co-operative’s website for the first 2 weeks of the property marketing campaign. In the rare event that the property does not sell during this time, you then can then switch to This will give you the opportunity to give your vendor the choice of saving a stack in online marketing and that can only be beneficial for building a solid relationship with the vendor and encouraging word of mouth referral as a result, which we all know is the best form of advertising.

It’s certainly true that is not the number one site in NSW and it’s no secret that is, but with that mantle also comes an extremely heavy cost to you and your vendor. Comparatively, will allow you unlimited priority listings from $33 a month and as mentioned earlier there is a huge chance that the property will sell fast in this hot market. Although admitting that we are not number one, we can boast that the improvements we recently incorporated to the site have seen grow in unique browsers in excess of 30% over the last quarter. This and our improved visibility on major search engines coupled with enhanced office and sales person branding all go a long way towards building as one of the eventual major players in the market . Not number one but certainly aiming high!

It just makes sense, isn’t the number one site but it certainly does have a place in your vendor’s property marketing strategy.

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