Monthly Direct debit

29 Jul 2015

EAC offers easier payment options by credit card or direct debit that takes away the worry of missing your on time payment. You can select to pay a fixed amount each month or the total balance of your account. An automatic authority is required and payments will be processed on the 14th for Direct Debits and the 15th for Credit Cards of each month. If the 14th or 15th day of the month is a weekend or public holiday, the payment will occur on the prior business day.

You will continue to receive a tax invoice/statement each month outlining the invoices for services in detail, including the invoices being paid by automatic credit card or direct debit payment the first week of each month.

How does changing to one of these options benefit you?

  • Members automatically receive a 1% settlement discount in relation to their subscriptions or the total early settlement payment.
  • You won’t need to remember to pay your statement on time.
  • You will still receive a statement each month.
  • Saves you and your organisation time.
  • Potential reduction in your bank fees.
  • No more phone calls or reminder letters from our Accounts Department.


Fees and Charges

  • For Direct Debit there are no fees or charges applied where you nominate a bank account to have your direct debit request deducted from.
  • If you nominate your credit card as your direct debit request, this will incur a surcharge of 1% for Visa and MasterCard and 1.5% for American Express.
  • If your nominated bank account or credit card has insufficient funds to cover a payment, as with all transactions of this nature any fee applicable may be incurred.
  • If payments are received outside the 30 day trading terms for your office you will incur a late payment fee.

If your organisation, company or business does not have direct debiting facilities, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

If you supply EAC a direct debit or autopay form please ensure you do not duplicate your payment as this will leave your account in credit until the following month.

Once you have selected the method in which you wish to pay please complete the form and return to us via email or post.

Click here to download an EAC Autopay Form

Click here to download an EAC Direct Debit Form

Click here to view the EAC Direct Debit Terms & Conditions

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Accounts on phone 1300 137 161 or email

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