Major upgrades to EAC Online Products and Services

Estate Agents Co-operative has today (15/12/15) released more upgrades to our industry online products and services.

Most notably we performed upgrades to:
• Addlist
• EAC address database
• EAC Mapping

The change to EAC Mapping is the most noticeable. This is due to extensive updates to our address database, which has included many new addresses and subdivisions. All of this data will now be included in the mapping systems as well as being included in Current Market Information (CMI).

This is another example of EAC’s commitment to continuous development that keeps our services at the forefront of data services.

Further to this, EAC’s property database has been updated with more than 30,000 property records this week alone. Our property database is not a case of “set and forget” like many of our competitors, in fact ours is reviewed and updated by our team and indeed by you on a daily basis.

It is this constant improvement of the data that makes EAC property data the first choice of real estate professionals and valuers all across NSW.

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