The Rise Of Video Marketing

24 May 2016

EAC Video MarketingVideo Marketing is sky rocketing in use across all industries. In 2015 57% of all internet traffic was video content. Video content is being used 4 times more than web browsing and email. With experts claiming that this number will climb to 79% of all internet traffic by 2018.  It would seem that if you aren’t involved in video marketing, you are missing a huge opportunity to reach your market.

In fact, so successful is video marketing that 69% of marketing, sales and business professionals have and will use video marketing, with the remaining 31% planning to in the near future. That is a staggering 100% of marketing and sales professionals, committing to video marketing.

But the question becomes, how do you use video marketing in Real Estate? Well, it may be simpler than you think. For example, using video when sending out emails, especially when it’s in the subject line, can increase the email open rate by 19%. Better yet, having a video in an email can boost the “click-through” rate of an email by 65%.

It doesn’t stop with email either. Websites that utilise a good quality video, on average, hold the viewer for an extra 2 minutes compared to websites that don’t. This could give you a competitive edge on online real estate websites when you list a property video. A video walkthrough of a property could easily bump it ahead of similar properties that a potential customer could be looking for.

As a Real Estate Agent, it is important to be seen as professional, knowledgeable and trusted. It is hard to build a relationship with your customers without face to face contact. Using Video Marketing, you can give yourself the opportunity to interact on that level, without leaving your office. An “Agent Video” gives you the chance to voice your opinion on current events, give advice, or talk through a current property that you think is particularly interesting.

This type of video builds your reputation as an expert and a resource. If you post relevant and informative videos consistently you will become a trusted resource, even if you have never met the people watching. But you can guarantee that once that person needs an agent, for them, there will only be one choice. The face they know and trust.

Now with EAC Video Marketing, cost and quality isn’t an issue. With the easy use app and stabiliser, you can produce affordable high quality videos with no previous experience. The EAC Video Marketing adds value to your business and a new level to your websites, emails and online listings and is an important listing tool for the future of the real estate industry.

The app also allows you to create a voice over to accompany the property walkthrough. Or alternatively you can create an “Agent Video”. These agent videos allow you to film yourself or someone within your agency giving a brief overview of your company, a breakdown of a property or building your own profile as an industry expert by giving advice and insight.

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