Are you ready for the Spring Market?

For salespeople who want to get more listings

Who are the people most likely to list their property this spring? Where are they and how can I find them?


  • Families looking to move before school next year – Primary School, High School and University
  • Calling people you met at an Open House 12 -15 months ago
  • Following up old appraisals from 6 months, 12 montha and up to 2 years ago
  • Calling past vendors and asking for referrals


Are you and your clients clear on selling timelines prior to Christmas?

There are only fifteen Saturdays until Christmas. You need two weeks to prepare, four weeks to get a sale and six weeks for settlement. So if they want to move before Christmas they need to start now.

What is the best dialogue to obtain interest and secure the listing?

  • Create small deadlines – Spring, Christmas, New School Year, Easter
  • Discuss how the client’s motivation fits into these deadlines
  • Discuss the current market conditions – stock levels vs prices, the spring market, pressure on buyers due to above deadlines, interest rates, slowdown in new apartment purchases creating extra demand from investors on established housing.

For property managers looking for retention and growth

How often are you calling your landlords and are you offering them relevant information?


  • Calling your landlords and check in on how you are performing
  • Try and call six landlords a day
  • Build trust, show expertise and portray care for their properties
  • Discuss the tenant, rental market, repairs, insurance and interest rates
  • Ask what you can do to improve your service

How many of your current landlords have other investment properties? How many of those are local and not managed by you?

  • These are the real questions you want answered by making the calls to your landlords
  • They are people who invest in property
  • You have to make it easy for them
  • Assist them to buy again if they are looking

Do your landlords understand what you do and how often you and your team work on their property?

  • Talk about repairs, arrears, queries from tenants, strata, accounting, bills paid, annual reports
  • Let your landlords know that you do more than just collect rent and send it onto them. You need to justify your fees


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