What's been happening at EAC – Product and Services Update

We never stop moving at EAC, always looking for the next service to provide to our members while trying to improve on the services that we have in the market. So what we have been up to? Here are some of the improvements that we have made recently.

First and foremost, as a Member of EAC you have access to privileges, exclusive content and services that non-members do not have the luxury of receiving. We have a number of communications that are Member only and, in some cases, need to go to the Member directly rather than a generic office email, so we have been ringing around making sure that EAC has the correct email address to contact you directly. EAC try to minimise the number of communications that we send to our Members so that the ones that you are receiving are important and relevant to your business. In some cases we have had offices unsubscribe from these communication services, meaning that you may be missing out on some of the benefits that you should be hearing about from EAC. Please make sure that your office doesn’t do this as, once off the list, it can be very hard to put you back into the email system.

This month the latest set of mapping data, released in August by the PSMA, has been integrated into our mapping system. This includes the updated council boundaries due to mergers, as well as new subdivisions that were not part of the previous mapping release. Over 300,000 properties and features were added or updated as part of this implementation.

Still on Mapping, based on some feedback, we made a change to the Theme Maps to exclude sales records that fell within the time periods but were <$1000 in value. These records are usually family transfers, are not genuine sales and were skewing the results of the Theme Maps feature. In the past EAC didn’t receive these records as part of the Valuer General records but, recently, these records are now being released for us to incorporate into our Property Information service and thus making their way into the Mapping service.

On the listing front, we recently updated the display of realestateworld.com.au and any agent website that uses our listing code to show the Available Date even on rentals set to Available in the system. This will show if the date is in the future and automatically revert to ‘Available Now’ if that date passes.

Over the last few months we have increased the number of services that we can upload listings to and accept listings from with more in the works to come on board in the coming months. We now upload to over 30 services across the world and can accept listings from over 20 providers. Some of the most recent sites we have added are Squiiz.com.au, business2sell.com.au, commercial2sell.com.au and mitula.com, with Followit.com.au and www.businessesforsale.com coming. We have added EagleSoftware, RealOnline, LockedOn, iWonData and SubtleDifference as uploaders to our system.

If you don’t use our Addlist service and want to get your listings into the system and onto realestateworld.com.au or any of the other sites that we can upload to, then click here to see if we have the service as an uploader. If we do, just contact your provider and let them know that you want to upload to us. If we don’t have your provider on board already then get them to contact the support team and we can discuss making that happen. If you have multiple systems in your office, usually one for Rentals and one for Sales, we can now accept uploads from two systems.

There is a lot of other things coming up that we are really excited to tell you about… that will just have to wait for now but keep watching this space!

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