What's been happening at EAC – Product and Services Update October 2016

In this months’ edition of ‘What’s been happening at EAC’ we look at new products, new Listing Management options, eForms and updates to existing products.

This month saw the release of our exciting new product EAC Video Marketing. Video is playing a more important role in the marketing of properties for Sale and Lease as well as a good tool for future reference for Property and Strata Managers. EAC Video Marketing gives every agent with a smartphone the ability to create professional looking videos while being cost effective.

Many hours of development and testing have been committed to bring this service to the Australian market and we have already started developing the next phase of features. If you haven’t seen the product then head over to the EAC Video Marketing page and check it out. You can head over to the EAC Video Marketing YouTube channel to check out some of the videos created so far by subscribers to this service. Watch this space as we delve into the realms of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Exciting times!

EAC has now released its uploads to bussinessesforsale.com and freeclassifieds.com.au. As the name implies, businessesforsale.com is purely for business listings and freeclassifieds.com.au is a local site for the Albury/Wodonga region. If you would like to use this feature please contact our support team to get setup. In the coming months we should see the introduction of uploads to homesales.com.au and allhomes.com.au and we now have the ability to accept listings from Mantis Technology.

Some work has been happening behind the scenes on the forms front. In eForms, we have updated the system to be ready for the new Credit Cards that are about to be released by MasterCard. These cards start with the number 2 instead of the number 4. Our online payment system is now ready to accept these cards.

In the past, if you copied a completed form in the eForms system it would also copy across the Principal details as per the old form. This caused some issues where the Principal details had changed since the old form was completed. This is now not the case and any new forms created from a copy will have the latest Principal information in them.

Keep a lookout for more updates as the next few months are going to be some exciting and interesting times at EAC for its products and services and, of course, you!


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