Real Estate and Property Services Reform Paper

25 Jan 2017
Estate Agents Co-operative

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete our recent survey regarding the proposed Property Services Reform Paper. The feedback we received was extremely worthwhile.

We incorporated your feedback along with that of Greg Jemmeson from Jemmeson & Fisher Solicitors and Accountants who provide legal support to EAC and its members, Rosy Sullivan from the Australian College of Professionals who are the preferred training provider for EAC and David Colman from CCE Consulting and Training who provides Business Consulting and Coaching support to EAC Members, in the submission provided by EAC.

We have been advised by NSW Fair Trading that there were over 80 submissions received and in the main the issues raised were similar across the Board.

The proposed reforms are significant and will affect everyone within the industry at some level and EAC are now working with Fair Trading on the implementation and transitional arrangements to ensure that any effect on Members and the greater industry are minimised. There are still many misconceptions in the industry about the reforms and, as EAC Members, you can have comfort that we will keep you updated as things progress.

If members have any questions regarding the reforms or points in our submission feel free to contact Ted Hanson, EAC Chairman on 0418 421 281 or David Crombie, EAC CEO on 0425 257 484.

Please find EAC’s complete submission here

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