Do Cheap Real Estate Staff Pay Off?

8 May 2017
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Your receptionist might be economical, but they might also be costing you thousands. Real Estate Coach on Demand, Lisa B, experienced the latter, and shares her experience of when a business gets it wrong:

The other day I called a real estate office.  I was returning a real estate salesperson’s call.  This is how the conversation went.

Me: “Hi, Can I speak to Mark please?’’

Receptionist: “I’m sorry. I’m really busy right now, can YOU CALL BACK  in 15 minutes?”

Me: “Ummmmmm, ok.”

I honestly nearly fell off my chair!  I could have been a seller? I could have been a vendor? I could have been a landlord?  I could have been a buyer?!

The receptionist had no idea who I was. I could not believe it The part of me that has owned real estate offices was mortified.

I get it, as a real estate principal you try and keep your costs down… you try and save money. However, in my business experience, I have learnt that there is one place you should never skimp and that’s on reception.  As they say, they’re your ‘Director of First Impressions’.

Over the years, I have employed young girls with no experience and trained them. Some ended up being the best receptionists I had ever had. I also employed some that had no idea — especially no idea with how to handle customers.

The biggest lesson I learnt, as an office principal, is that you need to make sure your hard earned money is not wasted.

The cost of cheap real estate staff

Real estate offices spend thousands all over the place in an effort to make the phone ring.

They use:

  • Newspaper advertising
  • Real estate portals
  • Flyers/letter box drops
  • Online marketing
  • Videos
  • Well, the list goes on…

Offices spend copious amounts of time, effort and money to attract potential sellers, potential buyers and then something like this happens? It’s just not good enough.

A professional person MUST be employed front of house. Someone who can handle enquiries in a professional manner. Someone who knows what they’re doing.

So, what’s happening at your reception when you’re not there?

Why not get someone to call your office?  Execute random checks to define exactly how your receptionist is handling enquiries. If a substantial amount of your business is accessed via this channel, then you need to know what’s happening on the front desk, and if cheap real estate staff is that cheap after all. Your business relies on having an awesome Director of First Impressions!

Unlike the hapless business I rang, if you want your real estate business to be as successful as possible, make this your priority.

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Lisa B.

Your Real Estate Coach On Demand


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