The Power of Free Legal Advice for Real Estate Agents

18 May 2017
Estate Agents Co-operative

In a world of judge Google and digital lawyers, the daily workings of real estate agents are fraught with legal minefields. An industry where crossing the wrong ‘T’, or even being accused of it, can be a withering experience for the most experienced agent. Fortunately for EAC members, Jemmeson and Fisher Accountants & Lawyers, is  there to help.

Here are some testimonials from Members’ experiences of their legal advice this year:

Dodgy neighbours

Rob Gilbert, from Reg Gilbert Real Estate Narrabri, was extremely thankful for their advice. Rob had a tenant who turned out to be quite an ‘unsavoury character’, renting a property in a strip of units. Apparently, fuelled by more than dinner, he had taken a shine to his female neighbour and was quite forceful in his interest. She, in turn, rang Rob one desperate Sunday morning and pleaded with him to remove this tenant.

After several threats involving a knife, AVOs, court appearances, and several months of legal proceedings, the ‘gentleman’ was removed from the premises and the young lady was free to return to her — now — safe apartment.

Frustrating for Rob, and no doubt the young lady, was the time it took to conclude. However, Rob said that Greg’s advice was invaluable in charting the appropriate course to take, declaring: “I was in the REINSW for many years, but now happily enjoy the benefits of EAC… especially Greg Jemmeson’s advice,” adding, “It was bang on, and much appreciated.”

Nipping worry in the bud

Laura McDiarmid from MJJ Real Estate Dapto is also a big fan of Jemmeson Fisher. Dealing with an issue involving a granny flat, Laura found their advice stopped everything escalating, ”Unfortunately, the tenants saw the situation one way, the landlord another, and we ourselves saw a different scenario,” she said, “Greg’s advice sorted everything out quite clearly for everyone, and certainly stopped a far worse situation arising.”

Lilian Brindly, from Moruya Tuross Real Estate, was quite ecstatic with her appreciation of the service provided by Jemmeson Fisher. The principal had to deal with a tricky situation dealing with a sale where the previous listing agent wanted part commission. Lilian felt the other agent’s paperwork was questionable, upon which the previous agent called in a lawyer — thus exasperating the 80-year-old vendors.

Fortunately, Greg’s office came to the rescue. “They were excellent. They saved me from going down the wrong path,” said Lilian, “The information I received was accurate and relevant to the specific matter, plus they also delivered an extremely quick response.”

A friend in hand

Andrew Curlewis, from Yass Valley Property, also needed some advice regarding a situation his office had encountered. It seems a purchaser of one of their client’s properties and a real estate agent in their office were family friends, and the subject of conflict-of-interest had been raised.  Andrew said that he very much appreciated the advice: “Without a doubt, Greg Jemmeson would be one of the strongest reasons to be a member of EAC,” stating, “I’ve used their advice several times, and whether off-the-cuff or researched, they have been excellent with their direction.”

These are only some of the many occasions where Jemmeson and Fisher have assisted EAC members with legal advice. If you are not a member of EAC, you may not be aware that our members and their teams can obtain free legal advice as part of Membership. If you would like to know more about the benefits of EAC membership, please call us on 1300 137 161 or email us today.

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