Updated Land Values for 3,613,603 properties have been added to our NSW Property Information

15 Sep 2017

Recently the LPI has started providing the Unimproved Values, also known as Land Valuations, for properties in NSW. This information includes the latest Valuation, the Valuation Date and the Zoning at the time of the valuation.

As part of EAC’s ongoing efforts to improve the data and services available, this data has been applied to over 3.6 million properties in the NSW Sales Information search with more properties being updated as the data becomes available. While this isn’t every property, it is a significant improvement on the previous data available. This information will be updated monthly as it is separate to the Sales data that EAC receive and update weekly.

The Unimproved Value is the NSW Valuer Generals valuation of the land only of the property. It does not take into account any improvements to the land or dwellings added to the property. More information can be found here on the NSW Valuer General website.

To access the information, perform a NSW Sales Information search. Once you have your results in the List View, click on Format from the menu and choose Change Columns. Scroll down the list of Hidden Columns and you will find the Unimproved Value and the Unimproved Value Date fields. Highlight these fields, click on Show and then click on OK. The fields will now be present at the end of the List View table.

The Unimproved Value is per property, therefore, if there are multiple lots within the one property, each lot will have the total property value. This is most noticeable for strata properties. Each strata lot will have the valuation for the whole block of land and not the valuation for the individual strata lot.

If you have any questions give the EAC Team a call on 1300 137 161.

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