An evenly paced showcase of depth and perspective makes this online viewing the EAC Video Marketing Of The Month

The handheld stabiliser used in the EAC Property Video Marketing solution is built with the latest technology to help you create smooth, professional videos of your listings.

The resulting property video is a true motion video showing the depth and scale of the property without any shaky movements.

Sutton Nationwide Realty’s video of 1022 Haylock Rd captures the scale of the grand abode, beautifully blending into the picturesque surroundings makes this property showcase the Video Of The Month.

We have a video guide providing you an overview of using the EAC video marketing app and stabiliser to achieve a high quality video content. The EAC Video Marketing Studio also has resources to help you maximise your results with the EAC Video Marketing solution or you can speak to a team member on 1300 137 161.

We congratulate Sutton Nationwide Realty on their impressive Video Of The Month, a gift voucher is on its way to the office.

The EAC Team

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