EAC Women In Real Estate Featuring Cheryl Midavaine Principal of Woolgoolga Real Estate

21 Sep 2017

“I would love to change some people’s perception of real estate agents. We have worked long and hard to create a professional image and deliver a professional service”

Cheryl Midavaine
Principal of Woolgoolga Real Estate

A passion to be in the service of others and commitment to community has kept Cheryl in our industry for 27 years. EAC Industry Reporter, Lisa B, asked Cheryl to share her stories in real estate, from the first step she took to enter the industry to the growth she has experienced both personally and professionally.

How long have you been in real estate and how did you start?

I’ve been in real estate since 1990. I started as a receptionist at a local office and they suggested I study for my real estate licence. At that time the course was 2 nights a week 3 hours a night for 3 years at the Coffs Harbour TAFE. It was a busy time working 5.5 days a week and studying, but I really enjoyed it.

In 2004 I had the opportunity to buy the agency I worked in. An amazing opportunity for sure!


How many properties do you have in your farm area?

Approx 3000.

Approximately how many other real estate agents are there based in your area? How many agents and how many offices?

There are 4 real estate offices in Woolgoolga including us. There are approximately 12 agents/sales consultants working from those offices. Unfortunately many Coffs Harbour agents also farm our area which provides increased competition.

Some people say that their area is different, is there anything particularly unique to your area?

We are very fortunate to have the ocean in our front yard and National Parks and State Forests in our backyard. We have both rural and residential properties within our area.

As you live in a beach side suburb, I would imagine that the people that buy in your area are buyers from outside the area, is this the case?

Over the past four years the percentage of buyers in our area coming from the city has not exceeded 8%. The majority of our business comes from local people, upsizing, downsizing or just changing from one beachside area to another. Followed by people moving from other regional locations.


What do you offer that allows you to win business over the competition?

We offer good old fashioned service. We are heavily involved in community activities and love supporting local business, so people know when they deal with us, profits go back into the community.

How have you found being a female in real estate?

Quite an advantage actually. Traditionally women are easier to relate to and trust, so this has been an advantage for me. Compassion and empathy are such a bonus in our day to day dealings with people. I think women find that so much easier.

Your office is currently all female, has that been beneficial for you?

Yes, I feel it has been a beneficial point of difference, not that I’m opposed to having men at the office, it’s just worked out that way so far. Lots of people love quoting our advertising by saying ….. the women at Woolgoolga Real Estate get things done!

‘Getting out there day’ Woopi High School…….Cheryl sharing her knowledge of renting to Yr 12 students

What do you love about real estate?

I love helping people. I have made many life-long friends from helping people with their real estate matters. That’s why I’m still in the industry.

What would you change about real estate?

I would love to change some people’s perception of real estate agents. We have worked long and hard to create a professional image and deliver a professional service. Often people’s perception of agents is somewhat different to that, which is disappointing.

What advice would you give someone starting new in real estate?

My old boss gave me a wonderful piece of advice when I first started selling houses. He said to be true to yourself. Don’t try and be someone you’re not or people will see through you and won’t trust you. It’s been such valuable advice. I’d also like to say to anyone starting in the industry not to take everything to heart. It’s a tricky industry at times and you need to survive the ups and the downs.

How long have you been associated with EAC and what benefits do they give you?

I joined EAC when I purchased the business in 2004. When I first joined as a young first time business owner, I really appreciated the support from the fellow EAC agents. I knew help was always close at hand. EAC provides such great services, not only in the IT department, but with all other facets of the industry. The whole idea of agents working together for the benefit of the industry is something I love being part of.

If you could fly anywhere in the world tomorrow where would it be?

Venice. I would love to ride a gondola down the canals in Venice. I’m sure my staff would be happy to take over the reins at short notice!

We thank Cheryl for taking the time to share her experiences with EAC Industry Reporter,  Lisa B.

The EAC Team

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