Fire Safety and External Wall Cladding Taskforce has been established by Government

5 Oct 2017

EAC has been advised through our work with NSW Fair Trading as part of the Minister’s Real Estate Reference Group that the NSW Government has been working on a number of measures to address the fire safety risks, specifically around the risks associated with external wall cladding. To this end, an inter-agency Fire Safety and External Wall Cladding Taskforce was established, featuring representatives from the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation, the Data Analytic Centre, the Department of Planning and Environment, Fire and Rescue NSW, the Office of Local Government, Treasury and the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

The Taskforce is leading the NSW Government’s efforts to ensure that fire safety requirements for residential buildings are prioritised and properly addressed through a whole of government action plan for dealing with the fire safety risks associated with external wall cladding.

At this time 1011 buildings have been identified as potentially having aluminium cladding. The Taskforce is currently writing to these building owners and managers asking them to undertake assessment to determine if the cladding is problematic due to non-fireproof materials being used.

The Taskforce is currently identifying a new legislative regime for building product safety, with the hope to mirror provisions of Australian Consumer Law, where goods may be recalled and intervention possible if products are found to be non-compliant.

Fire Protection are in the process of preparing education and materials around appropriately qualified persons suitability to check and advise on problematic cladding. Agents are not intended to be responsible for identifying a possible risk but may need to be aware of any issues with the buildings that they sell or manage.

The attached fact sheet and the following links give detail around the 10 point plan and other initiatives in the cladding space:


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