Location and Lifestyle Marketing Without Raising Your Costs

Reduce your marketing expenses with the offering of professional video at a rate much less than the traditional cost.

Producing a professional property marketing video is now as simple as sending a text message. The EAC Video Marketing app allows for easy editing of videos on your smartphone taking minutes not hours. If you happen to capture a room then discover that you are in the wrong section, you can move the clip to the right section saving the need to delete and re-shoot the room.

This capability enables the real estate marketer to film location shots and the property in any order. Once all filming is done, the marketer can simply go into the editing screen on the smartphone and arrange the video clips to create the desired flow of the video.

Sternbeck’s Real Estate’s marketing video below invites viewers to inspect an impeccable home while imagining lakeside living at Marks Point.

See how easy it is to design a cohesive flow to produce your desired property marketing video.

The EAC Video Marketing Studio also has resources to help you maximise your results with the EAC Video Marketing solution or you can speak to a team member on 1300 137 161 for personal assistance.

We congratulate Sternbeck’s Real Estate for the Video Of The Month, the winners prize is on its way to the office.

Have you created a video with the EAC Video Marketing solution you would like us to consider for Video of Month? Send it though and we will take a look.

The EAC Team

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