Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, the Blockchain and Real Estate

22 Dec 2017

David Crombie, EAC CEO talks about Cryptocurrency, the Blockchain and Real Estate with Lisa B, Real Estate Coach and Trainer from The Real Estate Hotline and Nathan Waters, Futurist, Entrepreneur and Founder of Peerism.

EAC enables and inspires real estate agents to work together to build strong, prosperous and sustainable businesses that are well-equipped to cope with the modern era. This interview will provide you with a glimpse in to the future and we hope you enjoy it.

For information on the tax implications of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency visit

Nathan Waters is a futurist, entrepreneur and consultant. Founder of Peerism, a blockchain-based economic protocol which aims to solve job automation and wealth inequality via skill tokens. He also started and organises SydEthereum, one of the largest Ethereum meetups in the world.


lisa b real estate coach

Lisa B
EAC Industry Reporter

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