Search Land Titles, Water Certificates, OSR, Police, ASIC Companies and Business Names fast and easy with InfoTrack

EAC for many years has provided our clients with the ability to access Title, ASIC, and other searches through our association with TriSearch. Recently TriSearch was purchased by InfoTrack and EAC has maintained our relationship with InfoTrack for these services.

The InfoTrack system has many more features and searches than the TriSearch system, covering all of Australia as well as many other services that were not available in the past. These include Police checks, Settlements, Stampings & Lodgings, and Bankruptcy services to name a few. The system also provides a data visualisation tool through its Reveal service to map out relationships of people, companies and assets over time. Read more about the REVEAL service.

Access InfoTrack from and Red Square

The InfoTrack service is now accessible from and Red Square. To access the InfoTrack service either login into Red Square and click on the Title & Certificates button on the top menu bar next to Mapping, or go to our Titles & Searches page on and login from there.

If you do not have an InfoTrack account

If you do not have an InfoTrack account and would like one setup for you or your office either click on the “Request an InfoTrack” account button on the Titles & Search page on or, if you are in Red Square, click on Resources across the top and then select the “Subscribe to Australia Wide Title, ASIC & Other Searches” button. The InfoTrack terms & conditions apply and there may be a small charge for setup of the account.

To learn more about the benefits of information searches with InfoTrack or to get an account setup please contact us through live chat on our website or call EAC on 1300 137 161.

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