Push your listing marketing with the new social media sharing feature in EAC listings management Addlist

11 Jul 2018

With the changes to realestateworld.com.au and its redirection to view.com.au, the Share on Facebook and Twitter functions within the EAC listings management Addlist changed as well. This meant that when you use this feature of Addlist, the post on both these social media sites was redirected to the view.com.au website for that listing.

Based on our subscribers’ feedback about this service, we have now implemented the ability for you to provide your own URL for the listing to be used to post to Social Media sites.


Now, when you click on the Share on Facebook or Share on Twitter feature in Addlist, you will be prompted to provide the URL for that listing. Addlist will then post this link to your social media sites with the preview available to Facebook and a shortened URL for Twitter with preview text.

In addition, the recent issues with Facebook and Privacy also require EAC to resubmit its sharing feature for approval by Facebook. This means that you may experience intermittent issues with this feature over the coming weeks during Facebook’s review process.

If you have any questions or issues with the new social media sharing feature in Addlist, please give our Support team a call on 1300 137 161 between 8:45am to 6pm Monday to Friday or chat to a team member online using the live chat feature on this website.

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