Additional NSW LRS Fees – Item 7 Schedule 1 – Real Property Regulation 2014

NSW LRS has recently conducted a review of additional fees raised under the Real Property Regulation 2014. The review found that there were some inconsistencies in the application of these fees across document types and transactions.

Item 7 of Schedule 1 of the Real Property Regulation 2014 states:

In addition to any other item, on lodgment of an application (other than an application to dispose of Crown land arising from the closing of a public road under the Roads Act 1993), request, dealing or caveat that will result in making, altering or removing more than 1 recording–for each additional recording

Moving forward NSW LRS will apply Item 7 of Schedule 1 of the Real Property Regulation 2014 consistently across all document types and transactions.

This means that where dealings are lodged that result in more than one recording being made, altered and/or removed an additional invoice will be generated and sent to the Lodging Party. Payment of the invoice must be made prior to registration of the dealings.

For some examples of where the additional fee applies see our Additional Fee page.

Source: NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS).

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