NSW Fair Trading’s new Strata Mediation Portal makes lodging an application for help with a strata dispute quicker and easier than ever

If you are unable to resolve a strata dispute through discussion or through the owners corporation, you can apply through the portal for a mediator to help to resolve it.

Fair Trading’s mediation service is free and resolves over 65% of all strata disputes. It is available to anyone who lives in, owns or works in the strata sector or in a community scheme.

This service can assist you with many of the most common strata disputes including:

  • keeping pets
  • repairs and maintenance to common property
  • car parking
  • using common property

In the past year, Fair Trading received more than 1,800 applications for strata mediation services. Their experienced mediators are impartial and help parties reach a mutually beneficial agreement by taking part in an informal dispute resolution process.

To lodge an application for strata mediation via their new portal, visit applying for strata mediation.

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