EAC continues to work with government

With the changing industry and questions around government policy, part of EAC’s focus is the working towards the betterment of the industry as a whole. EAC has continued to work with government, in conjunction with EAC’s legal and training partners, to campaign towards the best outcomes for the industry and EAC members, and be a voice of reason as part of Real Estate Reference Group for the industry with Greg being at the forefront of this drive.

Greg has recently spoken to the Central West Daily about EAC’s ongoing commitment to working with government on behalf of the Real Estate industry.

EAC discussed the recent changes to legislation that were passed by government. EAC will be creating videos through the month  While the legislation has passed through government, the draft regulations that define the implementation into the industry are still being collated by NSW Fair Trading. With EAC’s continued work on the Real Estate Reference Group, we will be able to provide our members with the opportunity to provide feedback on the Regulations and have an impact on the final implementation of the changes that will occur.

EAC will continue to provide information on the changes as become available and through the month of December, will be providing videos to its members in relation to the changes coming in the new year in conjunction with our training partner, Australian College of Professionals, and our legal partners.

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