Print Media is the NEW BLACK. But not ALL print media.

6 Dec 2018

You may have heard that certain retailers have scaled back on print advertisements, mostly because of the exorbitant costs associated with large newspapers but also retailers are finding that people are shopping online more and more. The same has been said when it comes to real estate.

Real estate agents over the years have encouraged potential buyers to search for properties to buy online with major emphasis on the real estate portals. We also know that sellers search comparable properties when doing their research.

So why would real estate agents want to advertise in print media again?

But we’re NOT just talking ANY print media.

We’re talking about a magazine that has a reach of over 60,000 people a month, distributed to over 240 plus locations.

That magazine is The Realtor.

“I use The Realtor as it’s specific and laser focused to our area to target our local buyers and I use one other publication to focus on buyers outside of The Illawarra area.”
Daniel Ellem, Director, Illawarra Estate Agents

Michael Garside, EAC Director, ex Chairperson of the EAC Illawarra Committee, and Principal at Harcourts Dapto, was recently quoted as saying “A huge point to consider is that The Realtor is a weekly publication valid for 7 whole days, unlike say the newspaper. The newspaper is a daily publication, and as the name suggests, only has a lifespan of one day. As we know, people buy the newspaper for a multitude of reasons, and it could be argued that only a very small percentage of their readership would be buying the newspaper strictly for the real estate section.”

Are you disappearing in the crowd?

A newspaper is crowded and distracting to the reader. Advertising in a specific real estate magazine, you are able to utilise print media with a specific targeted audience – this is a much smarter laser focused way of utilising print to target your market.

In business there is a saying ‘When they zig, you zag’. If other agents aren’t doing something in your area, you do it! This is how having a point of difference happens. Agents in the Illawarra have the opportunity to capitalise in the Realtor publication with a MAJOR point of difference to their competitors.

Are you doing everything you can for your client?
Not all of your buyers and sellers are internet savvy. If the agent doesn’t advertise in The Realtor, they may miss out on a buyer for their property.

When you are in a listing presentation, what seller wouldn’t want to promote their property to 60,000 more people in the local area? This can win you business! If an agent can’t or won’t provide this service, they may miss out on the listing.

Are you in control of your promotions?

In The Realtor, an agent is able to build their brand as the local expert showcasing local properties.

Unlike some real estate portals that enforce agents branding so as to conform to their sites – with print, the advertisers can specify how they want their ads to appear. This gives the agents and the sellers better control over their promotions. In The Realtor, you control your branding.

If you are interested in finding out how you can promote your properties to 60,000 more people a month, please contact EAC on 1300 137 161.


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