New Land Values for NSW Released

The NSW Valuer General released the new land values for every parcel of land across NSW on 8 January 2019. The land values are for the value of the land only, as at 1 July 2018.

As part of its Data Products, EAC provides land values for NSW properties via the NSW Sales Information search in our Property Info system. Land values, also known as Unimproved Values, can be found in the Unimproved Value column. This data is provided in bulk by the Valuer General every 12 months, with minor updates and additions being provided monthly. The latest bulk land value data update will be processed and available in EAC’s NSW Sales Information search in the month of February.

Land values may be used by councils to as a factor to determine council rates for properties, and are used by Revenue NSW to help determine land tax liabilities for NSW Landholders.

Acting Valuer General Michael Parker said the land values are made by independent contract valuers following the analysis of over 46,000 sales. The valuations are then quality assured by valuers from Property NSW.

Overall, land values increased in all categories across NSW, with total residential land values increasing by 4.4%.

Mr Parker said land values in the Sydney metropolitan area increased slightly overall after several years of strong increases.

Residential land values in the Sydney Central region recorded an increase of 2.1%, the Sydney East region increased by 3.2% and the Sydney West region had a 3.8% increase. Decreases were recorded in the local government areas of Ku-Ring-Gai (-3.5%) and Georges River (-3.3%).

Rural land values increased overall by 14.3% due to continued demand and firm commodity prices. Most locations recorded strong increases despite the continuing dry conditions.

Industrial land values showed the strongest overall increase (17.5%) driven by factors including proximity to infrastructure and the support of local industrial activities. Strong increases were recorded in the local government areas of Blacktown (33.1%), Bathurst Regional (28.4%), Central Coast (22.2%) and Cumberland (53.9%).

The land values reflect the property market at 1 July 2018. Land values do not include the value of a home or other structures.

Mr Parker encouraged the public to visit or call Property NSW on 1800 110 038 for more information on land values and the valuation system.

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