How property data can turn you into a super agent [Case Study]

CHALLENGE: Real estate is crowded with an oversupply of agents. To be successful, property professionals need to find a way to differentiate and enhance their service, so they stand out from day one, and win business.

SOLUTION: Comprehensive property, market and area information and data, accessible at the click of a button and used strategically, can separate average agents from real estate experts, in the eyes of potential clients.

High-performing agents capitalise on property data

What sets a good agent apart? Is it years-and-years of experience? The biggest marketing budget? The best negotiation techniques? Great relationship skills?

All of these and more are important to success for any real estate agent. But what really sets an agent apart is intel. Knowledge is power and the agent who has the most knowledge, in any given situation, can use it to his or her advantage so they come out on top.

Over the last twenty years, access to market and property data has been growing at a rapid rate and agents have been attending pitches, delivering appraisals and negotiating sales based on more intel than ever before.

In the last few years, the quality and depth of data available, how it is automatically interpreted and the usefulness of insights conveyed, has reached a new level.

Agents have access to systems that, with a few clicks of the mouse, can deliver them new client prospects, hone their marketing to the most likely buying audience and give them a real-time, bird’s eye view of their local market share.

More-and more data providers are entering the space, some with a real-estate specialist background, others without. Agents now have a range of choices when it comes to which company provides the data they will use to grow their reputation and success.

The real challenge is: not all data platforms are created equal.

Quality property data that doesn’t break the bank

As technology has evolved, real estate specialists, like specialists in most fields, have found themselves no longer owning software.

Instead, we pay monthly subscription fees to a list of suppliers so we can continue to use the programs that keep our businesses running.

With so many overheads associated with managing a successful agency, smart agents explore the market to ensure they are not only getting the software products that deliver the best results, but the price they are paying is competitive and fair!

Access to data is essential for any real estate agency, and quality data can be sourced easily, in user-friendly platforms, without the price tags currently associated with products from industry giants.


Spotlight on EAC Maps

The perfect example of where agencies can save money and get better results is on their mapping and data subscriptions.

EAC’s latest release data and mapping software is quoted as being the best and most comprehensive in the industry, and it comes in hundreds of dollars cheaper each year than major competitors.

When you sign up for a month-to-month subscription, you will have access to property information dating back to 1986, as well as comprehensive current market data.

In addition, this data has also been made more easily accessible through our advanced Mapping service. With Mapping you can:

  • Access data from anytime, anywhere — use it in the field!
  • Search right from the map! Type in your location or address and find a vast array of information not just about that property, but also the surrounding area.
  • Search an area that includes a number of specific streets. Use our polygon search function to create a custom-shaped geographical area for your property data search.
  • Overlay various maps in layers (park and water, Google maps, aerials, zoning), for a multi-dimensional view of a property or area.
  • See previous sales, current market information and listing data in one map.
  • Benefit from sales data that is updated weekly!
  • Make marketing, research and appraisals easier with the option to save, print or copy your map.

Capitalise on what property data offers

There are endless examples of how you can use the data in EAC Maps to grow your business and your market share.

Our marketing expert explains agents can use the data to win new business.

When a vendor is canvassing the market for their perfect agent, often, they will allow a few agents to appraise their property and pitch a sales strategy and service to them. Unfortunately, though the design may be different, most agents present very similar pitches!

Enhancing your pitch with additional data, layered maps and a thorough understanding of market statistics related to the area, not only makes you memorable, but also exemplifies that the service you offer is more comprehensive than any of your competitors.

You can plan business growth

As agents, you can also monitor your own performance. Knowing where your agency stands and how effective it is compared to competitors can help you set objectives and review activities. You can find this information with a little bit of search and comparison.

Understand how much market share you already have, set an objective to improve by x% in x period and keep an eye on your progress.

You can expand your area of reach and influence.

Using Mapping, you can identify listing hotspots just outside your usual area of operation, and draw on property data and other intel to develop accurate proposals and compelling pitches.

EAC Maps is comprehensive and cutting-edge. Find out more and how to subscribe to EAC Maps.

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