EAC CEO message: Christmas 2019

19 Dec 2019

To our members,

Christmas is here again, and as we, at the EAC, prepare to spend valuable time with our families and friends, relaxing and leaving 2019 behind, we want to thank you for your trust and support this year.

Ours is a membership-based company, but really it is a community. It is a group within which agents, from the smallest to the largest of offices, provide invaluable insights into your experiences in this industry, so we can continue to evolve our products and services, and offer you the best opportunities for growth and success.

It is also a group within which agents support each other and their local communities. This year, of note, we have seen offices out and about raising funds for mental health, for sick children, struggling families, and to help find cures to seemingly unbeatable illnesses, among other worthy causes.

We have also heard first-hand, the accounts of agents who have lifted their colleagues through hard times and personal crisis, and those who have reached out to other agents, in other locations within our group, to selflessly share their experiences, advice and guidance.

You have been a truly inspiring group of members this year, and we are genuinely grateful.

This Christmas, as farmers continue to suffer through drought and fight against destructive bushfires, our thoughts will be with them.

Like you, we will remember to be thankful for all of the wins we have enjoyed, for the great people we are blessed to work with and for the opportunities that have been presented to us.

We encourage you, during the holidays, to take the time to think of others who haven’t been as fortunate as we all have or who may be struggling, and to reach out a helping hand whenever you can.

The new year offers so much promise for those of you who are prepared to embrace new opportunities, new technology and practices; who can focus on a truly service-based approach and who can think outside the box to really differentiate yourself from others.

We look forward to sharing the promise of the new year with you, and we wish you a happy, safe and relaxing holiday period.

Warm regards,

Sylvia and the team

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