Introducing Tanya Delkou of HD Legal & Advisory

5 Dec 2020
Estate Agents Co-operative

If you’ve called the EAC compliance and legal hotline lately, you may have benefited from the guidance of experienced commercial lawyer, Tanya Delkou.

With a friendly demeaner, Tanya has a way of framing complex legal information into terms the rest of us can understand and learn from.

Tanya’s warmth and approachability, combined with her unique experience, make her and the team at HD Legal & Advisory, an invaluable addition to our EAC network of skilled partners.

This month, we borrowed a few minutes out of one of Tanya’s busy work days, to find out more about her career in law, her understanding of real estate and exactly why her new firm is so excited to provide guidance to our EAC members.

Tanya, how did you get started in law?

My start as a legal practitioner began a little differently to that of my partner at HD Legal & Advisory, Sarah Heuvel. While she kicked off her career in the real estate field managing property and found her way into law, my passion began in this field and extended into real estate later.

I commenced my legal career as a paralegal in 2011 and graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Law in 2014, before being admitted in the Supreme Court of NSW in 2015.

As a paralegal, I worked at a legal firm specialising in mergers and acquisitions, and commercial and corporate law. During that time, I assisted a legal team in national and international merger and acquisition transactions, worked with regulators including the ASX, ACCC and ASIC, assisted in advising both private and ASX listed companies on corporate governance and compliance and general commercial advice.

How did you find your passion for real estate?

Shortly after obtaining my legal practicing certificate, I started working as a lawyer in a leading firm specialising in the real estate industry, acting and advising on rent roll transactions, sale and purchase of shares, corporate structuring and providing franchising advice to real estate agencies across NSW.

I was also fortunate to gain experience in commercial litigation in Tribunal, Local Court and Supreme Court, acting and advising on commercial disputes, commission claims and various other litigious matters.

It was this experience that guided me into real estate law, and ultimately into practicing as an agent myself.

Did you ever find yourself thinking about diving into real estate full-time?

Yes, actually! While continuing to hold my practising certificate, I worked as a senior portfolio manager, leading a property management team and managing over 250 properties. I also closely advised on legal compliance and legislative updates.

Since starting in that space, I’ve regularly presented at quarterly conferences for leading real estate franchises, providing insight on legal issues and changes within the real estate industry, which is partly what led Sarah and I into our latest venture.

Why combine both real estate and law?

Real Estate law and compliance is incredibly interesting, and it is so important right now.

Fair Trading has made no secret about changing the way real estate is perceived by the public.

We’ve had new laws introduced as well as new standards of qualifications. Agents are no longer able to fly beneath the radar – they need to know what they are doing and they need to do it right. It has been an industry looked down upon in the past and that is changing.

At HD Legal & Advisory, we are really excited and proud to be a part of this change.

Tell us more about HD Legal & Advisory

Sarah Heuvel and I opened HD Legal & Advisory in early 2020 — a year when agents and other property professionals needed advice and guidance more than ever before.

We decided to do this because our extensive, combined experience in real estate law and practicing as agents in real estate agencies, gave us a deeper understanding of the way agents and agencies works, which enables us to provide the best possible advice for our clients.

HD Legal & Advisory is different in that we genuinely understand our clients, the field they work in and the challenges they experience on a daily basis.

From dealing with Fair Trading, to managing licencing issues, to guiding the sale of a rent roll or just answering those little questions about compliance that come up regularly, we’ve seen it all, and we are confident we can draw on legal knowledge and real estate experience to provide the most relevant insights.

From the EAC and all its members, a big welcome to Sarah, Tanya and the HD Legal and Advisory team!


HD Legal & Advisory provides a comprehensive legal service to property professionals. Members can contact Sarah or Tanya using our compliance hotline (and receive 30 minutes free advice per month), non-members can contact the team at

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