NSW Covid-19 Updates

25 Jun 2021
Estate Agents Co-operative

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Note: Advice from NSW Health and the Federal Government is changing rapidly, ensure you check Government websites frequently for updates. Please check the NSW Health website regularly.

Last updated 11 May 2022

This week, the Government has updated isolation rules. Household contacts (someone who lives with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19) and close contacts (someone who has been formally notified by NSW Health that they are a close contact) no longer need to self-isolate if they have no COVID-19 symptoms.

However, for 7 days from the last time a person in your household tests positive for COVID-19, or for close contacts as advised by NSW Health, there are guidelines you must follow to protect those around you. The full rules for what you must do can be found at nsw.gov.au .

If you have or develop COVID-19 symptoms during this period, you must get tested and self-isolate. Even if you get a negative result, stay home until you do not have any symptoms.

If you need to return to work or school within this period, you must notify your employer or educational facility and seek approval. If your workplace or educational facility has put in place any other guidelines around COVID-19 self-isolation, you will still need to follow them. For more information, visit safework.nsw.gov.au.

Please also note that winter is approaching, so don’t forget to book your flu shot!

Last updated 20 April 2022

From 6pm on Friday 22 April, close contacts (household contact or an individual deemed by NSW Health to be a close contact) will not have to isolate, if they don’t have symptoms.

Close contacts of people with COVID-19 should comply with the following guidelines for 7 days from the date of the COVID-19 positive person’s test:

  • do not visit aged care, hospitals, disability, and correctional facilities unless a special exemption applies
  • wear a face mask in indoor settings outside the home
  • undertake daily rapid antigen tests before coming into close contact with people outside their household, where practicable
  • avoid contact with elderly and immunocompromised persons where possible
  • work from home where practical
  • notify their employer/educational facility that they are a close contact, and that they are not required to isolate as long as they comply with the above.

From Saturday 30 April 2022, unvaccinated international arrivals will not be required to undertake hotel quarantine. These passengers will follow the same guidelines as fully vaccinated international arrivals and take a rapid antigen test within 24 hours of arrival.

Last updated 12 January 2022

As of today, 12 January, anyone in NSW who tests positive for Covid on a rapid test will need to register it with the NSW Government. To register your positive test, click here.

Last updated 6 January 2022

The National Cabinet has acknowledged the pressure on PCR testing centres and agreed to remove the need for a PCR test to confirm a positive rapid antigen test.

Last updated 31 December 2021

Rules have again been updated for self isolation. If you test positive for Covid, you must self isolate for 7 days from the day you were tested. At the end of the 7 days you may leave isolation as long as you don’t have any symptoms (sore throat, runny nose, cough, shortness of breath). If you do have any of those symptoms 24 hours before the 7 days finishes, call the NSW Care at home support line.

Guidance for Covid cases            Guidance for those exposed to a Covid case

Last updated 26 December 2021

NSW Government has acknowledged the long wait times for testing and advised you should only get a PCR test if you have symptoms, are a household contact, have high or moderate risk of exposure to Covid or you have been instructed by NSW Health to be tested.

Last updated 24 December 2021

With Omicron cases rapidly on the rise, the NSW Government has revised its previous instructions, and advises people in NSW that:

  • Masks are compulsory in all indoor, non-residential settings, unless eating or drinking (including work places)
  • QR code check-ins are again compulsory for hospitality and retail
  • Hospitality venues are now required to adhere to a 1 person per 2 sqm rule indoors

Please remember the opening hours of testing clinics will change over the holidays, and waiting times at the moment, are often several hours or more.

Last updated 17 December 2021

The NSW Government has updated its advice relating to confirmed Covid cases and close contacts.

If you test positive for Covid, you need to self-isolate at home until cleared by a medical practitioner, regardless of your vaccination status. Please let everyone you live with and have worked with or spent time with know about your diagnosis so they can also be tested and isolate if necessary.

If you’re a close contact, get tested, isolate at home for 7 days, and get tested again on day  6. You can leave isolation once you get a negative result from the day 6 test. For the next 7 days, don’t enter any high risk settings and get a final test on day 12.

Last updated 15 December 2021

As of 12.01am today, the rules and restrictions relating to Covid have changed to align with the last stage of the NSW roadmap out of Covid.

All unvaccinated and fully vaccinated people in NSW will be subject to the same rules. Density limits have now been removed in homes and public settings, masks are only required in very specific settings such as airports, hairdressers and public transport, and QR check ins now only apply in higher risk settings such as health care venues and small pubs and clubs.

As you prepare for Christmas, remember that some states will require a negative test for entry, so ensure you know all the rules in both the state you are coming from and the state you are travelling into.

Despite the change in rules, we encourage all our members to continue to wear masks where social distancing isn’t possible, to keep yourselves and others safe.

Last updated 28 November 2021

The NSW Government has announced additional changes to the roadmap out of lockdown, with further freedoms available once the state reaches a 95% double vaccination rate. Changes include:

  • Masks are only required in very specific settings, such as public transport and airports, though are still strongly encouraged when social distancing isn’t possible.
  • The current one person per 2sqm rule will be removed.
  • Covid safety plans will be optional for businesses.
  • QR check ins will only be required in high-risk venues.
  • Proof of vaccination will only be required in very specific settings.

Both the NSW and Federal Governments have also noted some concerns about a new strain of Covid (Omicron) that originated in South Africa, with two cases confirmed in Sydney on Sunday, 28 November, following a flight from Doha.

In line with the precautions being taken, all travellers who have been in South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Eswatini, Malawi, and the Seychelles during the 14 day period before their arrival in NSW, must enter hotel quarantine for 14 days, regardless of vaccination status.

All travellers who have been in any other overseas country during the 14 day period before their arrival in NSW must travel directly to their place of residence or accommodation and isolate for 72 hours, pending further health advice.

Last updated 2 November 2021

The NSW Government today announced a change to the planned roadmap out of lockdown, with many freedoms for the double vaxxed due as of 1 December, moved forward to Monday 8, November, and freedoms due on 1 December for the unvaccinated, pushed back to 15 November or a 95% double vax rate in NSW, whichever comes first.

  • Covid safe check ins and vaccination checks are still required.
  • Masks are not required in office settings (except for unvaccinated).
  • Covid-19 Safety Plans should still be in place.
  • Employers allow staff to continue to work from home, if reasonably practicable.
  • Employers require staff who are not fully vaccinated to work from home, if reasonably practicable.

Last updated 18 October 2021

Last week, NSW reached the 80% double vaccination milestone, which means as of today, Monday, 18 October, we now have access to new freedoms. For businesses, please be aware:

  • Masks are no longer required for people in office settings (unless unvaccinated)
  • In all other indoor settings (except the home), masks are still required for anyone aged over 12 years, including shared spaces in apartment settings
  • Masks are no longer required in outdoor settings (except hospitality staff)
  • Employers should continue to allow staff to work from home if reasonably practical
  • Employers require non-vaccinated staff to work from home if reasonably practical
  • You are still required to check vaccination status of visitors to your premises and to ensure people check in
  • People from NSW can now access their vaccination certification from the Service NSW app
  • People who live in regional and rural NSW have until 1 November 2021 to be fully vaccinated
  • The Covid JobSaver program has been extended until 31 October

You can find out how to link your vax certificate to your Services NSW app here.

You can find updated Covid Safety plans here.

You can find links to posters and signage here.

Please do note, there are still daily long lists of areas and venues of concern that have been attended by a person affected by Covid, and many of these are now areas within Regional NSW. Please continue to stay vigilant, follow the rules, and get tested if you have any symptoms.

To all our members, enjoy getting back to a more ‘business-as-usual’ environment.

Last updated 12 October 2021

The NSW Government has advised it is currently working on a dedicated property page that will further explain the rules and regulations relating to Covid and our industry. In the meantime, it has confirmed the following:

  • Leasing inspections, open homes, sales inspections and onsite auctions can now resume
  • Property styling, photography and other sales-related inspections, such as surveying, pest and building may also resume
  • The restrictions on workers moving from one LGA to another no longer apply – all of NSW is classified as a General Area. Restrictions will apply to Stay-at-Home-Areas, however, no areas are currently declared as such.
  • Travel to regional areas is permitted for work purposes.
  • All persons over 12 years of age must wear a fitted face covering while the person is in an indoor area or premises other than a place of residence (eg, an agency office or auction house) or, in an indoor area on common property for residential premises.
    • Property owners or occupants may request masks be worn while persons are on their premises. Agents are encouraged to respect the request of the owner/occupant and request visitors also comply.
  • The maximum number of persons on premises (auctions, open homes, inspections) is:
    • Indoor areas: 1 person per 4 square metres of space
    • Outdoor areas: 1 person per 2 square metres of space
  • Repairs, maintenance and cleaning can resume. There are no capacity limits for workers.

Last updated 10 October2021

It has been reported the NSW Government has issued an amendment to the health order allowing open houses and auctions to recommence in NSW as of 11 October.

Open homes must abide by the one person per four-square-metre rule while anyone is inside a property.

Auctions conducted outside must abide by the one person per two square metre rule.

Auctions and opens may be banned again in individual LGAs if localised stay-at-home-orders are introduced.

Further information is expected in coming days that may mean changes are required to agency Covid safety plans.

Last updated 8 October2021

With NSW reaching the 70% double vaccination target this week, we are all set for restrictions to start easing as of this Monday, 11 October.

While, for most of us, this is a source of personal excitement; on a business front, it can and has caused a lot of confusion throughout our industry.

As you are no doubt aware, the NSW roadmap, at 70%, does not specifically address our industry, and what we can and can’t do when it comes to auctions and open homes.

In contacting Services NSW and Fair Trading, neither organisation was able to provide us with further clarity right now, but advised a new public health order is due during the weekend, which will include more specific details.

Given this lack of specific information, at this point, it is advisable to simply continue on as per the existing rules for your area. In Greater Sydney and other areas coming out of lockdown/stay-at-home orders, this means no in-person auctions or open homes for the short-term. As soon as we have further confirmation of ongoing restrictions, we will provide those to you.

What we do know is:

  • Covid safe check ins and proof of vaccination are required for staff and customers.
  • Workers in regional NSW who have only had one vax can return to work, but must have a second vax by 1 November. 
  • All employers should continue to allow/enable employees to work from home if practicable.
  • In Greater Sydney, unvaccinated workers should work from home, if practicable. 
  • Physical distancing and a density limit of 1 person per 4 square metres applies to indoor areas.
  • All employees should be aware of your Covid safety plan.
  • Masks are required for all staff and customers in indoor settings. 
  • On a personal front, enjoy up to 10 visitors in your home (not including kids under 12), and meet with up to 30 people in outdoor settings. 
  • Travel between Greater Sydney and regional NSW is not permitted.
  • JobSaver has been extended until 30 November 2021, but will reduce from 40% of weekly payroll to 30% at 70% double vaxxed, and from 30% of weekly payroll to 15% at 80% double vaxxed.

Overall, it is also important to remember that reaching these milestones does not mean the pandemic is over and we can’t still put ourselves or vulnerable people at risk. We encourage you to always prioritise your own health and safety, and that of your team and your community.

As people come out of lockdown, they may also experience anxiety or social challenges, so it is on all of us to ensure patience and compassion is at the forefront of ‘the new normal’.

Last updated 7 October2021

The new NSW Premier has announced some slight amendments to the roadmap out of lockdown. Of particular note, regional workers in NSW will be allowed to return to work with 1 vaccination only, as long as they have their second by 1 November. This grace period takes into consideration the difficulty some regional NSW residents had accessing a vaccination.

Last updated 6 October2021

In great news, NSW reached the 70% double vax goal today, which secures the commencement of eased restrictions from Monday, 11 October. You can find details on what the eased restrictions look like on the NSW Health roadmap.

Stay-at-home orders will be extended in Oberon LGA, Snowy Monaro Regional LGA, Menindee and Sunset Strip in the Central Darling Shire until 11 October.

Last updated 4 October2021

Stay-at-home orders will come into effect as of midnight tonight, for people who live in or visited Gunnedah LGA since 27 September, and for parts of the Mid Coast LGA (postcode 2430 including Taree, and 2428 including Forster and Tuncurry). They will initially be in place until 11 October.

Stay-at-home orders will be lifted for Cowra LGA from Tuesday, 5 October at 12.01am as was planned, and for Port Macquarie from 11.59pm.

Muswellbrook LGA will remain on stay-at-home orders until 11 October.

Last updated 3 October2021

Stay-at-home orders come into effect in the Lismore LGA from midnight tonight for anyone who has been in the area since 28 September. They will initially be in place until 11 October.

Last updated 1 October2021

Stay-at-home orders will be lifted today for the Mid-Western Regional, Hilltops, Walgett LGAs and the Central Darling Shire Council, with the exception of Wilcannia and Menindee, which will be extended for seven days until 11 October.

Last updated 30 September 2021

Stay-at-home orders will be extended until 11 October for the following areas:

  • Bathurst Regional, Bourke
  • City of Broken Hill, Central Coast
  • City of Cessnock, Dubbo Regional
  • Eurobodalla, Goulburn Mulwaree
  • Kiama
  • City of Lake Macquarie
  • City of Lithgow
  • City of Maitland
  • City of Newcastle
  • Port Stephens
  • Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional
  • City of Shellharbour
  • City of Shoalhaven
  • Wingecarribee

Stay-at-home orders will begin in Snowy Monaro LGA from 3pm today for seven days for anyone who has been in the area since 22 September, and from midnight tonight (Thursday) until October 11 for Kyogle LGA and the Narromine LGA.

Last updated 29 September 2021

From 6pm today, Port Macquarie and Muswellbrook LGAs will commence stay-at-home orders for an initial seven days. This applies to anyone who lives in the areas, or visited from 17 September (Port Macquarie) or 22 September (Musswellbrook).

Stay-at-home orders will also apply from 6pm, to people who live in or have visited the Oberon LGA since 20 September.

Last updated 28 September 2021

From midnight tonight, stay-at-home orders will be lifted in the Tweed and Byron Shire Local Government areas, though some restrictions will still be in place.

Last updated 27 September 2021

From 27 September (today), all construction sites in Greater Sydney can resume with 100% of workers on site (with 1 person per 4 square metre rule in place). If you come from an LGA of concern, you can only enter a construction site in Greater Sydney if you’re double vaxxed, had one vax at least 21 days ago, or within 21 days and you’ve been tested within 72 hours, or you have a medical exemption.

Last updated 20 September 2021

From today, restrictions in LGAs of concern will ease, with residents now able to have unlimited outdoor exercise or recreation, and gatherings of up to 5 vaccinated adults in their LGA or within 5km of home. They can also shop within the LGA or 5km from home, attend small weddings of up to 11 people in Greater Sydney and have a bubble buddy from anywhere in Greater Sydney.

This brings LGAs of concern largely into line with all other LGAs in Greater Sydney, with the exception for working requirements outside the LGA.

From 5pm today, stay-at-home orders will be in place for residents of Cowra LGA or anyone who has visited there since 13 September.

From 27 September, outdoor pools will also be reopened, provided councils have a stringent safety plan.

As yet, no news on changing rules for real estate agents in Great Sydney.

Last updated 16 September 2021

Stay-at-home orders will be lifted for Bega Valley, Blayney, Bogan, Cabonne, Dungog, Forbes, Muswellbrook, Narrabri, Parkes, Singleton, Snowy Monaro and Upper Hunter Shire LGAs from 1pm today (Thursday 16 September), but will be reinstated in Albury and Lismore LGAs from 6pm tonight, for one initial week.

Last updated 15 September 2021

The NSW Government has lifted the 9pm to 5am curfew in LGAs of concern after the state hit the 80% single vaccination target.

Last updated 13 September 2021

A case of Covid-19 has been confirmed in the Yass Valley, and as such, the Yass Valley Council area will re-enter lockdown from 12.01am Tuesday 14 September, for an initial two weeks.

Last updated 10 September 2021

With some areas in regional NSW now opening up, albeit with continued restrictions, we remind you to check the rules in your specific area with regards to open homes and auctions.

The NSW Government announced that, from Monday 13 September, up to 5 double vaccinated people in NSW, who live outside LGAs of concern, can engage in outdoor recreation, within their LGA or within 5km of home. Kids under 12 aren’t counted in the total.

If living in an LGA of concern, households of adults who are double vaccinated (not including kids in the vax rule) can engage in outdoor recreation together for up to 2 hours, with their household group only.

Last updated 9 September 2021

Premier Berejiklian has reinforced that restrictions will start to gradually decrease and NSW will work to open back up, starting from the first Monday after the state hits 70% double vaccination rates, only for those people who are double vaccinated. She noted restrictions can and will be reinstated as needed, to minimise strain on the hospital system.

The plans for the lifting of lockdown are quite detailed, but reportedly start with home visits for up to five vaccinated guests (not including kids under 12) and outdoor gatherings of up to 20 people.

Likely retail, gyms, salons and hospitality venues will open, under strict one person per 4m2 rule,

Deputy Premier John Barilaro announced parts of regional NSW, with no or low case numbers, will open from today, with some restrictions still in place.

Some areas that will not reopen, include the Mid North Coast, towns in the Riverina, Illawarra and Central West.

More to come as it is announced.

Last updated 2 September 2021

From 5am tomorrow morning, all people in LGAs of concern, can have unlimited exercise, up from the one hour restriction, though the 9pm curfew is still in place.

The Premier also reiterated that 70% double dose will allow us to ‘do all of things we have been missing’ – this will apply only to those who have been double vaccinated. We are on target to reach 70% double vaccination in mid-October.

Last updated 27 August 2021

Covid news today largely revolved around return to school for NSW students. The Premier worked with the Education Minister to announce the HSC will be pushed back to the 9th of November, and agreement with universities that this will not impact students who wish to go onto tertiary education.

Face-to-face learning is scheduled to commence on 25 October, with the youngest students returning first, and subsequent year groups returning in a staggered style, until all students are back at school by mid-November (depending on evolving health advice).

It was also noted the Federal government has indicated vaccine access will be extended to 12-15 year olds, with the NSW Government suggesting this might occur from mid-September.

Last updated 26 August 2021

NSW hit another Covid record today, with 1,029 new locally-acquired cases reported to 8pm last night. The Premier noted 80% of those cases are consolidated in the Western and South Western Sydney areas of concern.

Stay at home orders have been extended for regional NSW, to midnight Friday, 10 September.

While details are yet to be confirmed, Premier Berejiklian also announced that from 13 September, residents in areas of concern will be permitted to leave their homes for an hour of recreation each day, in addition to the hour of exercise, if the adults leaving the home are vaccinated. Outside areas of concern, five people will be able to gather outdoors, as long as all adults gathering are vaccinated.

It was also emphasised that the community should start to get ready for when the state reaches a rate of 70% double vaccination, as this is when industry will be permitted to begin to reopen, with restrictions to unvaccinated people. At this stage, if vaccinations remain at the current rate, they expect NSW to reach 70% double vaccination, by the first few weeks of October.

More information to come as it is available.

Last updated 20 August 2021

The Greater Sydney lockdown has now been extended until the end of September. In addition, from Monday, a curfew will be put in place for those LGAs and areas of concern, which restricts residents from leaving their homes between 9pm and 5am. Those residents will also be restricted to one hour of exercise each day, and outside of school, all learning and professional development must be done online.

Police have been given extended powers, to issue return-home orders in addition to fines for geographical infringements, and can also require 14 days isolation from those caught outside of their LGA. The police can also deem a residential building a risk and lock it down until NSW health has conducted the required tests.

Further to the permit system that comes into place this week for those who are authorised to leave Greater Sydney to go to regional NSW (without a permit and a reasonable excuse, it is an offence to do so), two other permit requirements will be introduced by 28 August, one for authorised workers from LGAs of concern who must carry a permit declaring they can’t work from home, the second for anyone entering an LGA of concern for work.

By 30 August, childcare and disability workers who live or work in LGAs of concern must have had their first vaccine, and authorised workers who work outside their LGA of concern can only attend work if they’ve had their first vaccination or if rapid antigen testing is implemented at their work-site.

Last updated 19 August 2021

This morning, the Premier announced stay-at-home orders will remain in place for all of regional NSW until at least 12.01am on 28 August.

Further vaccinations have also been made available to those in areas of concern in Greater Sydney.

Last updated 14 August 2021

AFTERNOON: Further to this morning’s update, the NSW Government has announced that as of 5pm today, all of regional NSW will be under stay at home rules until 12.01am on Sunday, 22 August 2021.

In addition to other rules, this means residents in regional NSW cannot leave their home without a reasonable excuse, or have visitors (unless it is one person for carer of compassionate reasons), hospitality must close except of takeaway,  all retail not on the authorised list must close, masks must be carried at all times outside the home and warn at the designated times, employers must allow employees to work from home unless not reasonably practical,

Further rules can be found on the NSW health website.

MORNING: Lockdown restrictions will be extended for the Armidale and Guyra LGA, by one week, until 12.01am Sunday 22 August.


Last updated 12 August 2021

With 345 new community cases of Covid in NSW to 8pm last night, Premier Berejiklian announced:

  • Three new LGAS in Sydney will be added to the ‘areas of concern’, with lockdown restrictions increasing from 5pm today. These include: Bayside LGA, Strathfield LGA, Burwood LGA.
  • Further cases have been identified in the Hunter New England LHD, so lockdown will be extended by a week in those areas, until 12.01am, Friday, 20 August. This area includes: Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Port Stephens, Singleton, Dungog, Muswellbrook and Cessnock.
  • Dubbo is on alert, with new cases on the rise.

Last updated 11 August 2021


This afternoon, it was announced that as of 7pm tonight, until 12.01am on 19 August, new lockdown restrictions will be in place for Bogan, Bourke, Brewarrina, Coonamble, Gilgandra, Narromine, Walgett and Warren.

Stay at home orders will apply to anyone who lives in those areas, or who visited there on or after 5 August.


This morning, it was announced that as of 1pm today, until 12.01am on 19 August, new lockdown restrictions will be in place for the Dubbo LGA. This includes: Wellington, Wongarbon, Geurie, Brocklehurst, Stuart Town, Mumbil and Eumungerie.

Stay at home orders will apply to anyone who lives in those areas, or who visited there on or after 1 August.

The rules for the lockdowns are the same as those that are already in place in Tamworth, Byron Bay, Greater Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle areas.

Last updated 9 August 2021

This afternoon, it was announced that as of 5pm today, until 12.01am on Tuesday 16 August, new lockdown restrictions will be in place for the Tamworth LGA.

Similarly, for Byron Shire, Richmond Valley, Lismore and Ballina Shire, lockdown restrictions will be in place from 6pm today until 12.01am on Tuesday 17 August.

Stay at home orders will apply to anyone who lives in those areas, or who visited there on or after 5 August.

The rules for the lockdowns are the same as those that are already in place in Greater Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle areas.

Last updated 8 August 2021

According to this morning’s update, 12 new suburbs around Penrith will now be considered areas of concern, and from 5pm today (Sunday), will join the eight existing LGAs of concern under increased lockdown restrictions. These 12 suburbs include:

  • Caddens
  • Claremont Meadows
  • Colyton
  • Erskine Park
  • Kemps Creek
  • Kingswood
  • Mount Vernon
  • North St Marys
  • Orchard Hills
  • Oxley Park
  • St Clair
  • St Mary’s

In addition to other restrictions, people in these areas cannot travel to other areas for work, unless an authorised worker, and shouldn’t travel more than 5kms to get food or other goods (unless unavailable within 5km) or to exercise.

Last updated 7 August 2021

After notification of two Covid cases in Armidale, NSW Health has announced the Armidale regional LGA, including Armidale and Guyra, will be put in to lockdown from 5pm today, until 12.01am, Sunday 15 August. Similar to Newcastle, the same rules and restrictions currently applied to Greater Sydney, will also apply to Armidale for the duration of the lockdown.

In the announcement, Hazzard also noted four new cases in the Newcastle area, and a total of 319 new locally acquired cases across NSW, reported until 8pm last night, the highest numbers of this latest outbreak.

More information will be available at https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19 throughout the day.

Last updated 5 August 2021

With 5 cases of Covid now being treated in the Hunter area, the NSW Premier has announced a snap lockdown will be put in place, from 5pm today until 12.01am, Friday 13 August, in:

  • Newcastle
  • Lake Macquarie
  • Maitland
  • Port Stephens
  • Singleton
  • Dungog
  • Muswellbrook
  • Cessnock

For residents, this will mean the same lockdown rules apply as in Greater Sydney. For agents, open homes and live auctions will not be allowed to take place, but one-on-one private inspections can continue. More information and confirmation to come as it is released by NSW Health.

Last updated 29 July 2021

In this morning’s update, the Premier announced there have been 239 new Covid cases reported to 8pm last night. In response to the increasing numbers, as of 12.01am on Friday, 30 July, new restrictions will come into place for people who live in Blacktown, Campbelltown, Canterbury-Bankstown, Cumberland, Fairfield, Georges River, Liverpool and Parramatta:

  • Residents can only travel in a 5km radius of their home, this includes for exercise, single bubble visits and shopping (unless the goods/services aren’t available in the area)
  • Masks must always be worn outside the home
The penalties for not wearing a mask in the expanded Greater Sydney area will increase from $200 to $500, and from tomorrow, police will have the power to close premises, work sites and businesses that flout public health orders.

Last updated 28 July 2021

Note: this report will be updated throughout the day as the NSW Government releases further information.

As expected, the NSW Government has announced a four week extension to the current lockdown in the Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains, Wollongong and Central Coast areas, until Saturday 12.01am, 28 August. While the Premiere acknowledged this is frustrating and not ideal, she also encouraged people to stay at home so we can get the numbers down faster.

Premier Berejiklian also expanded the LGAs of concern, from Liverpool, Fairfield, Canterbury Bankstown, Cumberland and Blacktown to a further three: Parramatta, George’s River and Campbelltown, totalling eight Local Government Areas. In all of these LGAs, it was stressed that only health and emergency services workers, and those on the certified worker list can leave their LGA for work, everyone else should be staying at home.

Canterbury has been identified as a particular hotspot, and testing is required for essential workers and highly encouraged for other residents.

Outside of those LGAs, other residents across Greater Sydney should limit shopping to their LGA or within 10km of their home.

Non-occupied construction can continue outside the eight LGAs of concern, with workers permitted onsite for the next few days to prepare safe Covid working conditions before construction work can recommence on Saturday. Additionally, contactless tradies — tradies who can attend a site without contact with other people — will also be permitted to recommence work.

Home schooling will continue for another four weeks in the extended Greater Sydney area, with the exception of Year 12 students, who will recommence face-to-face learning, where possible, on 16 August. The NSW Government will vaccinate students aged 16-18 who are in Year 12.

The singles buddy system will be introduced across the extended Greater Sydney area. If singles are within the eight LGAs of concern, the ONE person they nominate as their visitor must also be from within their LGA. If the single person is outside of those LGAs, the person they nominate as their visitor must also be from outside of those LGAs.

Finally, the NSW Government has worked with the Federal Government to increase individual and business financial support. Specific details coming soon.

More information can be found on the NSW Government website.

Last updated 27 July 2021

The NSW Government has announced stay-at-home orders for Orange City Council, Blayney Shire Council and Cabonne Shire Council will end, as scheduled, at 12.01am on Wednesday 28 July. These LGAs will be under the same restrictions as the rest of regional NSW from that time.

Last updated 20 July 2021

With cases now popping up in regional areas of NSW, people who live in the Orange, Blayney and Cabonne LGA areas, or people who were there on or after Saturday, 17 July are now on stay at home orders. This lockdown will initially be in place until Wednesday, 28 July.

If you live in these areas, you cannot have visitors to your home. You may leave your home for:

  • food or other essential goods and services
  • medical or compassionate needs
  • exercise with one other person, within your LGA or within 10km from home
  • work or education when you can’t do it from home
  • to attend weddings or funerals until 12:01 Friday, 23 July, after which funerals are limited to 10 people and you cannot leave your home to attend a wedding
  • to move to a new home or between different residences

In-person auctions and open homes may not be conducted in these LGAs; private inspections for one person may continue.

Masks must be worn indoors and in outdoor settings where social distancing isn’t possible.

New clinics have been established in Orange, Bathurst, Blayney, Parkes and Molong.

Further information can be found on the NSW Health website.

Last updated 18 July 2021

NSW recorded 105 locally-acquired Covid cases to 8pm yesterday evening, with 34 active in the community while infected.

Late last night, the NSW Government updated some of the restrictions announced on the 17th, relating to the movement of workers in the Liverpool, Fairfield and Canterbury Bankstown LGAs.

While yesterday it was announced that, of residents in those three LGAs, only those who work in healthcare (inc fields like aged care) and emergency services could leave for work, it was later revised to include anyone in ‘Government authorised jobs’.

These authorised jobs are defined on the NSW Health website, and include jobs like teachers, retail workers, warehouse workers that support essential services and essential retail, delivery drivers and coffin makers, in addition to healthcare and emergency services workers.

Last updated 17 July 2021

With 111 new cases reported in the last 24 hours, and 29 in the community while infected, Premier Berejiklian has once again tightened lockdown restrictions in a bid to ‘quash the outbreak’.

Relaying new rules that will take effect over coming days, the Premier acknowledged they are aware there might be some upset in the community, but asked that people use common sense and follow the rules.

New restrictions in place include:

  • All non-critical retail will be closed (lists will be posted to NSW Health). Essential retail like supermarkets and pharmacies will remain open, but all other retail can only occur through delivery or click and collect. (as of midnight, 17 July)
  • Residents of three LGAs; Fairfield, Liverpool and Canterbury Bankstown can now no longer leave their LGA for work, unless they work in essential healthcare or emergency services. (as of midnight, 17 July)
  • Those who do live in those LGAS and must leave for work in healthcare or emergency services must continue to get tested every 72 hours (3 days).
  • All construction will be paused until midnight on July 30, this means larger-scale construction in addition to tradies going into residential homes. (as of 12:021am Monday, 19 July)
  • Harsher penalties will be applied for any employer who forces employees to come to the office if they are not essential. It was reiterated that ALL office workers should be working from home. On the spot fines of $10,000 will be applied, and employees are encouraged to notify NSW Health if they feel they are being forced to attend office locations. (as of Wednesday, 21 July)

The Premier also reiterated that no car pooling should be taking place, and you should be taking a mask with you, whenever leaving the house.

All settings in regional NSW remain the same, despite a few cases popping up.

Melbourne is once again in lockdown for five days, with that period expected to extend after 19 new cases were recorded today.

Last updated 15 July 2021

The Residential Tenancies (COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency Response) Amendment Regulation 2021 has been updated over the last week. As an agent, particularly those in property management, it is crucial you are familiar with the changes and comply with them.

Read the Residential Tenancies (COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency Response) Amendment Regulation 2021.

Last updated 14 July 2021

Greater Sydney’s lockdown will again be extended, as 97 new cases were diagnosed in the 24 hours to 8am on 14 July 2021.

The Premiere has praised locals for high testing volumes, despite long waiting times, but added two more weeks to the lockdown in an aim to reduce community transmission. The lockdown will now continue (at this stage) until Friday 30 July at midnight and will include learning from home for students other than those of essential workers and some Year 12 students.

From a real estate perspective, the same lockdown rules for inspections, opens and auctions will also continue, with in-person auctions banned completely and inspections one at a time, by appointment only.

Like all industries if you live or stay in the Fairfield local government area but you work as an agent outside this area, you must have a COVID-19 test once every 72 hours (3 days) in order to be allowed to enter a workplace.

We have been notified that Liverpool NCAT has closed to the public until further notice. They can still be contacted by phone and email.

Fair Trading has released limited details regarding new measures to support tenants and landlords during Covid. These will include:

  • 60 day freeze on evictions: tenants who can’t pay rent in full due to Covid can’t be evicted between now and 11 September.  It was stressed during the press conference that landlords and tenants are encouraged to come together in mediation to try to determine the best outcome for all involved.
  • Financial support for landlords: Up to $1500 per tenancy will be available for landlords who agree to reduce rent for COVID-19 impacted tenants.

We will provide more updates as new details on the relief package for landlords and tenants, are released.

Last updated 9 July 2021

Premiere Gladys Berejiklian has announced restrictions in Greater Sydney will further tighten over coming days, as case numbers continue to increase.

With 44 new Covid cases recorded over the 24 hours to 9 July, and 19 cases active in the community for their infectious period (eight in isolation for only part of the time), Berejiklian delivered a stern message that “the numbers are not heading in the right direction” but encouraged people to work together because we “can still move in the right direction”.

In addition to the police blitz in three Sydney LGAs — Liverpool, Fairfield and Canterbury Bankstown — the NSW Government introduced new restrictions active from 5pm today, among them:

  • Outdoor exercise limited to a maximum of 2 people
  • Exercise can only occur in your local LGA or within 10km of your house
  • Carpooling is banned outside of people who live in the same household
  • One person per household, per day may leave for essential shopping
  • Browsing at shops is not allowed, only essential shopping
  • Funerals will be limited to 10 people

The Federal Government has announced 300,000 additional vaccine doses will be fast-tracked to NSW. Berejiklian has warned that she cannot commit to when restrictions will be lowered, because the vaccination rate at 9% doesn’t allow for people to get back to ‘living a normal life’, and given the number of cases out in the community, infection rates are expected to rise.

She stressed the economic impact is just as concerning as the health impact — the economic consequences would be devastating if the virus was to spread.

Last updated 7 July 2021

After sharing that NSW has had 27 new Covid cases reported in the 24 hours to 11am on 7 July, with only 13 already in isolation, Premiere Gladys Berejiklian has announced that Greater Sydney’s lockdown will be extended for a further week (initially), until Friday, midnight, 16 July 2021.

The Premiere said, “The reason for this, is that the Delta strain is a game changer and is extremely transmissible and more contagious than any other form of the virus we have seen.”

“We don’t want to be in a situation where we are constantly having to move between lockdown, no lockdown, lockdown, no lockdown. We want to give ourselves the best chance that this is the only lockdown we have, until the majority of our citizens are vaccinated.”

Berejiklian went on to explain that regional NSW schools will be able to resume face-to-face learning next week, while Greater Sydney students will undertake online learning. Children of essential workers and Year 12 students, where necessary, are welcome on campus.

She noted concern that there were more cases in the last 24 hours than expected, and more spread in the Fairfield, Liverpool and Canterbury Bankstown LGAs, and has strongly encouraged people to follow the health orders, and not to visit family or friends during lockdown. The aim is to reduce mobility as much as possible to minimise the spread. She also suggested further restrictions will be considered if required.

Lockdown rules applying to auctions, open houses and inspections will also continue for another week.

Last updated 26 June 2021

The NSW Government has announced that as of 6pm tonight, Saturday 26 June, Greater Sydney, Wollongong, the Blue Mountains and the Central Coast will all enter full lock down for a minimum of 2 weeks (initially until midnight, Friday, 9 July).

During this time, people should only leave their homes to:

  • shop for essential items
  • exercise (outdoors in groups of 10 or less)
  • attend essential work or education outside the home
  • seek medical care or provide care or compassion

Live, onsite auctions will be cancelled for the duration of lockdown, but may be conducted online.

While this is sudden and there was little notice, we sincerely hope it will do as intended, and stop the spread of the Delta variant throughout Sydney and beyond.

As of the weekend, regional NSW will also experience extended restrictions, based on those for Greater Sydney, last week — see below update on 25 June.

Please be mindful of the new restrictions in your area, and strictly adhere to them, so we can keep everyone safer and get back to business as usual, faster.

Updated 25 June 2021

The Covid situation in Greater Sydney continues to change, with four local government areas locking down from midnight tonight (25 June), for one week. People who live OR work in Woollahra, Waverly, Randwick and City of Sydney will be required to stay at home, unless going out for essential work or education, exercise, shopping or to provide care or compassion to a loved one. 

For these areas and Greater Sydney, additional new restrictions are now in place.

According to NSW Health, as of 24 June 2021, this list of restrictions applies to those people from Greater Sydney, the Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Wollongong and Shellharbour, with further restrictions for the locked down suburbs:

  • Visitors to households is limited to 5 guests – including children;
  • Masks are compulsory in all indoor non-residential settings, including workplaces, and at organised outdoor events;
  • Drinking while standing at indoor venues is not allowed;
  • Singing by audiences at indoor shows or by congregants at indoor places of worship is not allowed;
  • Dancing is not allowed at indoor hospitality venues or nightclubs however, dancing is allowed at weddings for the bridal party only (no more than 20 people);
  • Dance and gym classes are limited to 20 per class (masks must be worn);
  • The one person
  • per four square metre rule has been re-introduced for all indoor and outdoor settings, including weddings and funerals;
  • Outdoor seated events are limited to 50% seated capacity;
  • Previous public transport capacity limits, represented by green dots, will be reintroduced;
  • If you live or work in the City of Sydney, Waverley, Randwick, Canada Bay, Inner West, Bayside, and Woollahra local government areas, you cannot travel outside metropolitan Sydney for non-essential travel, with four of these suburbs (listed above) in lock down.

NSW Health’s website confirms that under public health orders, those people viewing or inspecting a property for sale or lease or participating in an auction do not count as ‘visitors’. It also lists ‘inspecting a new place of residence’ as an acceptable reason to travel beyond metro Sydney for those living in the specified areas above (not those on lock down).

Continue to follow the safety plan you have set up for your office. If you have not done so yet, complete the General Covid-19 safety plan now.

We will update you as more information becomes available. In the meantime, stay safe, look after yourself and others, and please get tested if you have any symptoms or have visited a hotspot.

From the health order:

(3) The Minister directs that a person must not do the following — 
(a) conduct an open inspection of premises for the purposes of the sale or
lease of the premises, but a person may show a single person the
premises after the person has made an appointment for that purpose,
(b) conduct an auction at which persons attend in person.

Public Health (COVID-19 Greater Sydney) Order (No 2) Amendment Order (No 2) 2021 (25th June 2021)

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