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Successful businesses know how to use video. Do you?

Successful businesses know how to use video. Do you?

Everyone is using video, however generations X, Y and Z are using video in different ways. Find out how you can maximise your business with each age group.

Videos are such a huge, important part of our lives now.  We use videos to assist us with just about everything... including buying products, education, as well as entertainment.

It’s also interesting to see how three generations are very different in the way they watch videos and what they watch.  Therefore, it is essential knowledge for businesses to know what to produce and where to load it.

As with any marketing and advertising, you need to make sure that you are attracting the demographic you are targeting.

Recently Influenster surveyed 8,500 people and compiled their video habits.

These were some of their findings -

Generation X - watches ‘how to’ videos and music videos

Generation Y - watches product reviews

Generation Z - watches unboxing and haul videos

Their statistics show that YouTube is still the biggest platform for all three generations.

YouTube and then Facebook are still the number one platforms for X and Y generations.

Whilst for Generation Z,  Instagram and Snapchat is their next choice after YouTube.  

What can we learn from this?  

The majority of people choose YouTube first.  

With approx 4,950,000,000 hits EVERY SINGLE DAY on YouTube, if you are not using video, we highly recommend that you do.  Video is a very cost effective way of showcasing you, your office and of course your properties.

EAC have the perfect video solution for ALL real estate agents.  You can make a start in video for as low as only $14.95 a property.  And it’s easy!

For more information and to see some videos that other agents have produced click here.

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