"The power of video marketing in your hands"

Create professional property videos quickly and easily, regardless of your experience level.

There’s no doubt that video marketing is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal when it comes to the buying, selling and renting of property. Our latest, cutting-edge video app: created in collaboration with HouseLens, allows you to create professional property videos, regardless of your experience level.

Video has been around a while but is under utilised in property marketing due to access and cost. This video marketing tool, created specifically to cater to the unique needs of the real estate market, allows agents to create a full video walk-through that is both professional and on brand. In addition, the handheld stabiliser and wide angle lens kit ensures professional quality without the cost or effort of a full video production crew, allowing you to accurately portray more of your property than has ever been possible before.

Today's real estate consumer expects video.

  • 48 hours of video is uploaded every minute on YouTube.
  • In 2012-2016, video views increased from 171 to 213 million online.
  • It is estimated that 75% of global mobile traffic will be video by 2020.
  • In 2017 there has been an increase of 50% in the number listings that have video compared to 2016.
Create professional videos for sales and property management fast and easy, no matter your experience level
The stabiliser uses the latest technology to help you create smooth, steady full motion walk-throughs of your listings
Share your videos seamlessly across your Social Media accounts and with clients via email and other messaging apps
Available for Apple iPhones and Android powered (Samsung) smartphones


Easy editing of videos on the smartphone taking minutes not hours
Voice over feature, to provide a full walk- through experience
Corporate branding with intro, ending and watermarks
Effortless video upload to a YouTube channel

The video app

Compatible with Android and iPhone

The software is compatible with Android and iPhone, and is designed to be simple to use so no prior filming experience is required. The app also comes with a range of royalty free music, the ability to record voice over and editing tools that can be used via the app on the spot – meaning everything you need is in the one place.

The software comes pre-loaded with your businesses brand assets, so that you can co-brand with landlords or vendors as a value-add to the relationship. It also syncs seamlessly with your YouTube channel, further differentiating you from your competitors.

Download for iPhone Download for Android phone

EAC video marketing by real estate professionals

See more EAC property video marketing by real estate professionals

Up to 5 Videos
$99.00 Member
$155.00 Standard
Each additional video
$20.00 Member
$31.00 Standard
Up to 10 Videos
$189.00 Member
$290.00 Standard
Each additional video
$19.00 Member
$29.00 Standard
Up to 20 Videos
$235.00 Member
$365.00 Standard
Each additional video
$12.00 Member
$18.00 Standard
Pay per video
per video
$25.00 Member
$34.00 Standard


Preferential group pricing and packages below are available to Elders, Belle, One Agency,  Laing + Simmons and Professionals offices across Australia.

Up to 5 Videos
$119.00 Group
Each additional video
$24.00 per video
Up to 10 Videos
$219.00 Group
Each additional video
$22.00 per video
Up to 20 Videos
$275.00 Group
Each additional video
$14.00 per video
Pay per video
per video
$31.00 Group

For assistance in determining the right plan for you speak to a team member on 1300 137 161. Custom pricing and solutions available for franchise and industry groups.

Stabiliser Kit: Smartphone stabiliser and a wide-angle lens

Create smooth and steady professional level video with our smartphone stabiliser kit.

Smartphone Stabiliser Kit
Once off
$374 Member
$399 Group
$499 Standard
3-axis smartphone stabiliser
0.65x clip-on wide-angle lens
International power adapters
Custom-molded case with strap
Additional battery (available for purchase)
Adapter plates to fit multiple smartphone models

Volume Pricing is also available for 100 kits or higher. Volume pricing is based on a single order quantity.

YouTube Channel Setup

We highly recommend that you build your online presence with your own YouTube channel in conjunction with the EAC Video Marketing Solution and can assist you to achieve this.

The videos created by the with the solution can be uploaded to your YouTube channel and if you don’t have a channel they will be uploaded to the EAC Real Estate Video Marketing channel, especially created for the EAC Video Marketing service.
The benefits of having your own YouTube channel are:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefits – you are creating content in your name which will assist Google in recognising you as the authority in your area.
  • You are building content associated with your name and your business. Google prioritises fresh content.
  • Google can then direct new information to those searching online for similar topics.
  • You are using keywords to help Google identify that you are a local agent.
  • Potential vendors and landlords can find your videos on your YouTube Channel.
  • Potential buyers and tenants can find your videos on your YouTube Channel.
  • When you have your own YouTube channel, you can edit anything that you want easily, you have control.
  • You are building a solid foundation of content on YouTube – YouTube is owned by Google so Google loves YouTube.
Setup of YouTube Channel
Once off
$99.00 Member
$132.00 Standard
Display logo
Banner creation
Video analytics
Company profile
Links to your social media channels

Branding Packages

Build your office profile and brand by adding your own intro and ending and watermark on all your videos.

Animated Intro and Watermark
Once off
$110.00 Member
$149.00 Standard

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To learn more about the benefits of the EAC video app or to find out about the other ways we can help you grow your business speak to a team member on 1300 137 161.