Buy and sell real estate online, from the comfort of your living room

EAC is pleased to introduce Sale Ezy, Australia’s most cutting-edge, online property sales platform. With two distinct online sales methods, and personal, expert support from your dedicated support partner, you can evolve your business the Ezy way.

What is Sale Ezy?

Sale Ezy is the simplest way for you to buy and sell real estate, using best offer or online auction, from your living room… or anywhere you choose!

An Australian-owned, innovative online sales platform, Sale Ezy offers two distinct sales platforms you can use to sell property.

  • Best Offer feels just like private treaty or tender, but has the added strength of binding auction conditions.
    Registered buyers simply submit offers on screen, including any conditions.
  • All other buyers are notified of offers, but the offer amount is private between buyer, seller and agent. Any offer can be accepted, within 24 hours of being submitted, and the property sold.
  • This simple and effective platform is an alternative to traditional auction and the perfect replacement for private treaty or tender.
  • Final call is designed to feel more similar to a traditional auction. Registered bidders work against other bidders, the countdown and the reserve, to have the highest online bid at the end of 3rd call. Hammer fall is binding and all parties are obligated to proceed.


Benefits of Sale Ezy section:

  • Agents and auctioneers can host best offer or auction from any location, even the home or office. Not being on site, also means you can hold more than one auction at once, increasing productivity and capacity for sales.
  • Every agent or auctioneer who uses Sale Ezy is allocated a dedicated support partner.
  • Your dedicated support partner will guide you, step-by-step, through our complete process, even providing expert digital marketing advice and monitoring engagement with your listing.
  • Sale Ezy is compliant throughout Australia and all bids and offers are legally binding. When a buyer’s offer is accepted in best offer, or the highest bid at hammer fall in final call, all parties must proceed.
  • Buyers can also offer or bid from any location, meaning they don’t even need to leave the couch to purchase their next property!
    Anonymity is powerful! The psychology of not being able to see other buyers, makes bidders competitive and committed to winning!
  • With Sale Ezy, half the work is done for you! Automated messages encourage buyers to offer and bid and keeps everyone in the loop, and important records are automatically generated, like your bidder record and bid log.

With Sale Ezy you get online auction and more




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To enquire about pricing and packages, please reach out to the friendly Sale Ezy team on 1300 662 013, or email


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